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Eating Our Feelings Zine

  • Eating Our Feelings Zine

A zine about food and drink in the time of COVID-19.

Eating Our Feelings includes: an ode to the honey bee, recipes, booze, a dispatch from a South Georgia farm, a haiku about butter, an essay about grocery shopping, more booze, gorgeous photos and illustrations, a comic strip about frozen pizza, an egg brain flowchart, an essay about not cooking, a list of restaurant staff pranks, an essay about Important Cookies, a love letter to soup, even more booze, John Prine, a bean racing explainer, a collection of innovative new happy meal toys, and so much more.

Created by Lizzy Johnston, Linda McNeil, and Austin L. Ray

Cover Designed by Katie Greene

Contributors: Sarah Lashinsky, Luke Webster, James Abercrombie, Amanda Schrembeck, Andrew Lawandus, Rachel Hortman, Ross Zietz, Estela Semeco, Katie Greene, Mattiel Brown, Carley Rickles, Kelly Cano, Bryn Rouse, David Sizemore, Elisabeth McNair, Linda McNeil, Lizzy Johnston, Jamie Hopper, Albrica Tierra, Bailey Garrot, Corinne Kocher, Audrey Pruitt, Dessa Lohrey, Michelle Dixey, Justin Weaver, Jodi Cash, Katie Lambert, Austin L. Ray, Beca Grimm, Brooke Hatfield, Rachael Maddux, Gray Chapman, Amelia Lerner and Brandon Chonko.

Printed by Risolve Studio

100% of the proceeds of this zine go to The Giving Kitchen in Atlanta, GA